Japanese sweets full of unique characteristics

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They say that Japan is the land of sweets with many different kinds of sweets. From traditional Japanese sweets that they call “Wagashi” to sweets imported from overseas such as chocolate and cakes, or both sweets that can be found everywhere. And they are only sold in certain areas and seasons. Most of them have unique characteristics in both appearance and taste that reflect Japan very well as well. 

Niwaka Senpei, Fukuoka

Niwaka Senpei is the name of a type of senbei with a unique appearance. And it is a famous dessert of Hakata, Fukuoka Prefecture (Sembei is a type of dessert. (Made from wheat flour and grilled into thin sheets) Made into the shape of a mask used in performances. “Hakata Niwaka” which is an ancient performing art of Hakata. The drooping eyebrows and eyes make this snack look very cute. If you cover your face with this senbei, I guarantee that anyone who sees it will definitely not be able to stop laughing. Therefore it is consider a fun snack as well. Report by ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.app

Mizushingen Mochi, Yamanashi

Mizushingen Mochi, Thai people know it as water drop mochi. It is a sweet made by coagulating pure water from the Southern Alps of Japan. The clear, shiny texture like water drops and the soft, bouncy, jelly-like texture make this snack very popular. Eat by sprinkling Kinoko powder, which is ground soybean powder. And brown sugar The delicious Mizushingenmochi melts within 30 minutes. And can only be enjoy in the summer at Kinseiken in Yamanashi Prefecture.

Hanabira Mochi, Kyoto

Hanabira Mochi, which means flower petal mochi. It is a traditional Japanese wagashi snack. Their appearance is as cute and nurturing as the petals of a flower, as the name suggests. It is made using light pink mochi dough fill with miso-flavor red bean paste and burdock roots. Many people may be surprise that burdock, a vegetable, is include. But the crunchy texture of the burdock goes well with the sweet and salty taste of the miso and creates an incredibly delicious taste.

Sakura Mochi, nationwide

Sakura Mochi is one of the wagashi desserts that give us the feeling of spring. Pink glutinous rice flour (mochi) that encases red bean paste inside. Looks as cute and cherished as the petals of a cherry blossom. You can eat the whole salt-marinated sakura leaf wrapped in mochi. So you get both sweet and salty flavors in the same bite. And it’s also full of fragrance. On the Kanto side, mochi rolls shaped like crepes are popular. On the Kansai side, it rolls into a round shape.

Kujira Mochi, Yamagata / Aomori

Kujira Mochi literally means whale mochi. It might sound a bit shocking. But this snack isn’t actually made from whale meat. This type of snack is local to the Tohoku region, made by mixing glutinous rice with sugar and walnuts. Then it is steam until cook. When eaten, you can feel the taste of miso or light soy sauce. It has a sweet and slightly salty taste.